L3RP Canada: Project details
See regulatory information, timelines, maps, and more for the Canadian portion of Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Program.
‘Instead of digging in our heels, we rolled up our sleeves’
Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement expected to create $250 million in Indigenous contracting and labor spending (Part 1 of 2)
L3RP Canada: Indigenous inclusion

This project achieved an unprecedented level of Indigenous engagement, inclusion and economic participation in Canada during its construction.

Final Line 3 Canada reclamation and Safe Work Protocol

Enbridge has implemented a COVID-19 Safe Work Protocol that will be followed during final reclamation of the Line 3 replacement pipeline ROW in Canada.

‘It takes a community to build a pipeline’
Line 3 Replacement Program sets a new standard of engagement and local inclusion
'This project has been a success for our people'
Canadian First Nations leaders write an open letter to Minnesotans and U.S. Tribes, detailing the benefits of the Line 3 Replacement Program in Canada.
Construction in your community
L3RP pipeline and facilities construction will begin in some areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan on Aug. 1, 2017. Find out what you can expect.
A study in strength: The pipeline welding process
Enbridge uses the best available welding technology on our pipeline projects, like the Line 3 Replacement Program (L3RP).
Line 3 Replacement Program: Testimonial videos
Find out what Canadian landowners, industry partners, pipeline workers, elected officials, union members and neighbors have to say about the L3RP.
Saskatchewan’s boomtown: White City maintains small-town feel, despite dramatic growth
Projects like Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement generate wealth for Canada, notes Mayor Bruce Evans
Indigenous community engagement

We strive to develop mutual understanding through open, timely, two-way communication.

Community investment
We support and partner with local organizations that champion solutions for safety, environmental and social issues.
L3RP Canada: Community outreach
Our team will continue to keep Canadian communities informed of L3RP progress through updates and future engagement activities.
Line 3 Replacement Program: Fueling quality of life in Manitoba
Ongoing tax revenue benefits the Manitoba communities near our Mainline system right-of-way. Find out more.
Pipeline construction: Safety and the environment

Safety and reliability are built into Enbridge's energy infrastructure before, during and after the construction process.

L3R Program (Canada) Resources: Fact sheets and brochures
Learn more about our safety measures, economic benefits and environmental commitments for the Line 3 Replacement Program in Canada.
Line 3 Replacement Program contractors earn kudos from industry peers
Running Deer Resources, Premay Pipeline Hauling honored at annual CEPA Foundation awards
How we build a pump station
Pump stations are located along our crude oil and liquids pipelines to keep product moving through the line.
How We Construct a Terminal
Crude oil storage terminals are a critical component of the Enbridge energy transportation system
The lifecycle of an Enbridge pipeline

With proper design, construction, operation and maintenance, pipelines have a very long life. The safety of people, and protection of the environment, is our top priority throughout the entire pipeline lifecycle.

Hydrostatic testing

Hydrostatic testing is a carefully planned and controlled process that confirms a threshold measurement for a pipeline's safe operations.

Line 3 Replacement Program: Fueling quality of life in Saskatchewan
Ongoing tax revenue benefits the Saskatchewan communities near our Mainline system right-of-way. Find out more.
Post-construction: The land restoration process

After construction of energy infrastructure, Enbridge's goal is to restore the affected area (including pipeline rights-of-way) to as close to pre-construction condition as possible, and minimize our long-term impact to the land.

L3RP Canada: Contact us
We'd like to hear from you.
Pipeline decommissioning (Canada)

When Enbridge takes a pipeline safely out of service, we remain responsible for that line.