Spotlighting young pipeliners' potential

YPAC members earn international media exposure ahead of IPC 2014 in Calgary

With the pipeline world congregating in Calgary this week, a group of young Canadian pipeliners – among them Enbridge-based employees – is basking in some international media exposure.

The 10th International Pipeline Conference and Exposition 2014 (IPC 2014) is being held through Friday, Oct. 3 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary. Heavily involved in its organization and activities are Calgary- and Edmonton-based members of the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC), which is featured in the September 2014 issue of Pipelines International.

YPAC’s Calgary executive committee includes Enbridge’s Kevin Tsang, a senior engineer, as well as William Weng, Kara Edmonson, and Peter Tanchak, all of whom are engineers-in-training with Enbridge. YPAC’s Edmonton executive committee includes Enbridge’s Laura Seto, an engineer, and Jill Fritsch, an engineer-in-training.

Tanchak is also the YPAC’s vice president.

“IPC is the premier pipeline event in the world, held right here in our backyard,” Tanchak tells Pipelines International. “This is an opportunity for our members to connect with top international talent and collaborate on innovative ideas within the pipeline industry.”

Tsang, in fact, moderated a YPAC-hosted forum at IPC 2014 on Monday, Sept. 29 entitled From Young Pipeliners to Industry Leaders: A Cross-Sectional View of Careers in the Pipeline Industry. Brad Heidt, a facilities and projects manager with Enbridge, was a panel presenter at the YPAC forum.

Starting with 10 industry enthusiasts in 2012, YPAC has quickly grown to include more than 400 members; Enbridge, which exists to fuel North Americans’ quality of life, is a platinum-level sponsor. The YPAC’s advisory board includes Lorna Harron, Enbridge’s Senior Manager of Integrity Technology Advancement.

“This is a time of great opportunities and immense challenges for the young professionals,” YPAC president Alina Gabdrakhmanova tells Pipelines International.

“The aim of our organization is to cultivate top talent within the industry through retaining the knowledge base of retiring, world-class pipeline experts, and providing networking and mentorship opportunities,” she adds, “as well as to attract more workers by educating current and future graduates about the pipeline industry.”

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