Why Invest

"Over the decades, Enbridge has delivered superior shareholder value. Our low risk business model has resulted in strong and consistent growth in the dividend which we are continuing to deliver."

Al Monaco, President and Chief Executive Officer

Highlights of Strategic Plan


Shareholder Value Proposition

Enbridge offers a unique value proposition that brings together the combination of a superior low risk business model, high quality infrastructure and strong organic growth. We credit this unique value proposition for delivering excellent returns to shareholders year after year, and we plan to stick with our proven formula.

Our best-in-class value proposition:

  • Superior low risk business model:
    • Low-risk pure regulated business model
    • Unparalleled commercial underpinning
    • Minimal commodity price exposure
    • Investment grade customers
  • High quality infrastructure:
    • Critical energy delivery infrastructure
    • Positioned to capitalize on strong underlying fundamentals
  • Strong organic growth:
    • 5-7% DCF/Share beyond 2020
    • Dividend growth in line with DFC/Share
Enbridge Investment Triangle

Superior low risk business model

"Our reliable business model is supported by strong commercial constructs, limited commodity exposure and the strong credit profile of our customers."

Resilience demonstrated through Enbridge’s record growth despite the business and commodity price cycles

Low Risk Business Model Built for Resiliency

Strong Performance Through Comodity Cycles

High quality infrastructure

“Long-term energy fundamentals remain strong and our core businesses are strategically positioned to capitalize on this growth"

High Quality Infrastructure 

Strong organic growth

Post-2020, a combination of base business growth and $5-6b of annual capital growth will yield a long-term earnings and cash flow growth rate of 5-7%.

  • Strong organic growth opportunities from 3 core businesses
  • Low risk business model
  • Self funded equity
  • Disciplined capital allocation
  • Dividend to grow in-line with DFC/share growth of 5-7%
Strong Organic Growth

Letter to Shareholders

Positioning Enbridge for the future.