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Water Sampling Results

From July 2010 through Aug. 16, 2011, surface water samples from Talmadge Creek, the Kalamazoo River and Morrow Lake were collected twice per week to monitor and assess any oil-related impacts. The water sampling process included the collection of field measurements such as dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature. Laboratory analysis and data validation of water samples were completed before the data was available for posting to the website.

Private ground water well sampling

Following the spill, Enbridge coordinated the sampling of potable water wells located within 200 feet of either side of Talmadge Creek, the Kalamazoo River and Morrow Lake in accordance with the EPA-approved Enbridge Sampling and Analysis Plan. Sample results were provided to the resident, landowner, the applicable county Health Department and the EPA. Enbridge screened the results for any oil-related impact. 

Additional sample interpretation may be obtained by contacting the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services at (269) 373-5210 or Calhoun County Public Health Department at (269) 969-6341.