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Enbridge Discusses Findings in the NTSB Report on Line 6B Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) today discussed the results of its investigation into the Line 6B crude oil release that occurred in July 2010. Enbridge Inc. ("Enbridge") and Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. ("EEP") appreciate the hard work and due diligence of the NTSB throughout this process.

"We very much appreciate the patience of residents in the communities who were affected by the Line 6B release," said Patrick D. Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, Enbridge Inc. "Under the direction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and local health authorities, the Kalamazoo River was re-opened last month for recreational use. We are also pleased to note that wildlife has returned to the area."

"We believe that the experienced personnel involved in the decisions made at the time of the release were trying to do the right thing. As with most such incidents, a series of unfortunate events and circumstances resulted in an outcome no one wanted," said Mr. Daniel.

"Safety has always been core to our operations. Our intent from the beginning of this incident has been to learn from it so we can prevent it from happening again, and to also share what we have learned with other pipeline operators," said Stephen J. Wuori, President, Liquids Pipelines, Enbridge Inc. "Enbridge and EEP conducted a detailed internal investigation of this incident in the months following the release and have made numerous enhancements to their processes, procedures and training as a result of the findings of the investigation, including in the control center. Incident prevention, detection and response have also been enhanced. We will carefully examine the findings in the NTSB report to determine whether any further adjustments are appropriate."

Enbridge and EEP have worked closely and cooperatively with the NTSB throughout its investigation, and are now reviewing the summary report. Enbridge and EEP will not comment specifically on the contents of the Final Report until it is released by the NTSB Board and analysis of the report has been completed.